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Knife Crime in West Lothian

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

I warn you right off the bat that I use some profanities within this blog. If you believe you will be offended by this please check out another blog I have written. Thank you.

I reacted to an incident at my old high school and posted about it on my personal Facebook page, I shouldn’t have in all fairness, but I haven’t been reprimanded for it thus far and found that my opinion is one that many share. Where did this all come from? It was more than the fact it was at my old high school where a 14-year-old was stabbed in the face. Yes, the face. That is pretty fucked up to be on the receiving end and equally fucked up to be the one yielding the knife.

Earlier in the year, the SNP were criticised for the shocking rise in knife crime in Scotland. Police figures had shown in January that there was nearly a 10% increase from the previous year of people caught carrying offensive weapons. This is just under the UK average but not a stat that I would take pride in claiming that Scotland is better at than England, Wales or Northern Ireland. The statistical trend should be in the opposite way. Let’s not twist my words though, I want as many people caught as possible; however, I want people to be punished and do so with complete equality. I don’t care personally if you are young, old, black, white, how you dress, who you are sexually attracted to and where you are placed on the social class level. Break the law, and you should be punished.

This is basically why I was so hot about the entire situation. Keywords and phrases jumped out at me, and it set me off. This is what I saw, and it essentially pissed me off.

- “Enquiries into this incident are ongoing.”

- “A West Lothian Council spokesman added: "West Lothian Council makes the safety of the pupils in our care our top priority.”

- “No Knives, Better Lives campaign.”

Here is what I think. There shouldn't be a whole lot of investigation into if's, what's and buts. In my opinion Police Scotland and St. Kentigern’s Academy should throw the entire book at the person who stabbed another person in the face. Bottom line here; a 14-year-old is now scarred for life, mentally if not physically.

If the safety of pupils is a top priority why do we see increases year on year of violent crime, including knife attacks?

I am fed up of seeing campaign slogans that rhyme. If you want to make a difference, treat people like adults. Safety awareness campaigns that rhyme that are aimed at kids will work. We are talking about young adults here though. We are trying to impact on young adults. They will understand if you make it clear enough; break the law, Police Scotland will use all legal powers to punish you and make an example of you. And they should, especially if it is a violent life-changing crime like slashing or stabbing another person’s face.

I am utterly fed up of this dance around an issue trying not to offend anyone approach. Everyone is scared to tell someone else, "You are a vile wee shit. You are not big, and you are not clever."

In this case, the 14-year-olds lesson is that this world is a twisted shit hole of an existence. While my face heals and I bath it in bio oil for the rest of my life, there are silly rhyming knife crime campaigns to educate people that knifing another is wrong. - Is that right? Is this acceptable?

Personally, I don't have a son but say I did and he was the wee fucker that done the slashing or stabbing. He would be a dreadfully sorry young man and a shell of the vile wee shit that took a knife to school. So much so the judge would struggle to believe that such a person could slash someone.

I am sorry, this story has touched a nerve. Enough is enough.

As always, thank you for stopping by.

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